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2003-01-15: Hey ho all! Obi again with hher lazy updating. Okay, sorry for having no Monday stripup like I promised. That was icky icky day, I say and I had no time over the weekend to get it done either. Anyway, I've finished it and a another page and am currently working on the new few installments this morning. I've halfway through the next page.. oh yeah as a warning, Obi did really crappy looking bg's for the next two pages. They suck suck suck so I'm sorry. Bgs aren't my strong point.. neither is a lot of stuff. Anyway please don't die. If you survive, then I'll have a really pretty pic done to ease over the scary heh. So everything'll fall into schedule hopefully soon.

Site wise: I'm currenty working on completing the cast page and sketching out the pics for some of the people who don't have them. I'm also gonna make a gift section and an omake section cause I know I'm gonna be making some omake (working on one right now for Tohemi's late b-day present kekeke) I'm also gonna do my best to add new links today and such as, as well as putting up a better link to my deviaccount. *Thinks as she dodges knifes and bullets from Yuki* EEPS! Umm... yeah that's it. I can't think of anything else... oh yeah the gallery! working on it working on it.. baby hails.. laters!

2003-01-09: Hey ho all! Okay I've finally managed to figure out how I'm gonna work. (Gah took two frikking years to figure it out.. I'm hopeless!) I've decided that I'll update on Mondays and Fridays, baby permitting. And what I mean by baby (not work or sleep baby) permitting is my nanny duties. If anyone's read through my journal entries on either Livejournal or deviart, they'll have seen me ramble and moan about my baby sis, now six months. I only moved back to Cali int he first place cause I agreed to play nanny for mom. I watch the baby during the day for her while she's at work. it's not easy watching this kid. She hates sleeping, is at the age where she can stand with support, crawl like a machine and say mama. Sad thing is, she's calling ME mama. Anyway... rambling... since she hates to take naps, it's hard for me to draw when she does take them, cause she never takes them for long. I would try drawing in the morning (at six) even though I'm groggy as hell I seem able to, but she's been waking up at six as well, so there goes that idea. The only options left to me are at night (if I'm lucky) and on the weekends (if I'm lucky in that too. I always seem to have the baby) but I'm pretty sure I can do it. Now, this isn't always gonna be on time, I'll must likely be late, like always and such as that so please bear with me again. At least I've got a scanner now so that's no longer an issue.

So I'm more sure of this than anything else. I will update comics. I'm working on them as we speak so the really (my fault) long wait's over! GC is gonna get moving! WOOT! Oh yeah.. even though I've started over, I'm gonna be using some of the old comic pages. Cause I seem to still like them though now my style's changed a bit.. just to warn, I'm still learning, so my styles are gonna change every now and again. Please bear with that as well. And, as far as I can tell, is all.

2003-01-01: HAPPY NEW YEAR! And thus starts my promise! Gomen.. it might be a bit hard to read it.. but it looked so horrid when I tried to clean it up I decided to leave it alone. If ya can't read it, say so in the forums or email me and I'll post up the words on this somewhere. Oh yeah! I have a deviant ART account. Please visit! I'd love it so much! Click here!

2002-12-31: In a few short hours, it'll be New Year's Day and I already know what I'm gonna do. I'm gonna invest a lot more energy into my comic than I have been. Bad me. I will do better. Hope you all can be patient with me. I'll go by the way I usually go as far as uploading goes. I know I can put them up maybe three times a week, depending on how my baby sister lets me work.. but I'll do my best. THanks for sticking about so far.

2002-12-25: ack! I forgot to send this through, dumb me! Anyway, MERRY CHRISTMAS MINNA-SAN!! I can't believe people still came here when there's nothing.. but that's all gonna change. Cause, as luck would have it, I got a scanner as a present! And starting tomorrow, I'll be putting up the new pages and working more. I must warn you the bg's aren't any better than they were before.. but they're there.. and I'm working on getting better. So.. umm please accept these Chistmas gifts as not only my thanks for the over two thou hits this month and last month and the three thou the two months before that (I'll have those gifts up soon I hope) but also as my wish for you all to have a very happy holidays

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Thursday , October 23 , 2003
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